Introducing enthusiasts to Italian delicacies at a secluded backyard in Etiler, we promise nothing less than an unparalleled Italian experience at Trattoria La Scarpetta in every detail in the restaurant extending from the environment we offer to our service as well as our menu.

We are opening the doors to a delightful gastronomic experience with a menu that features the finest of the Italian cuisine, our rich wine cellar, and our unique location at the heart of the city.

From our seasoned Italian chef to our management team, our young and dynamic staff created the venue, which stands out with its nearly 1,000-bottle wine cellar as well as a menu designed with a refined selection from the Italian cuisine. 60 percent of La Scarpetta’s wine cellar is comprised of local wines while Italian wines make up 90 percent of the rest, and in a rather unusual twist for restaurant menus, an extensive selection of glass wines are on offer.

Named after La Scarpetta, which is derived from the Italian word scarpa, or “shoe”, to mean in colloquial Italian the “last bite used to scrape the juice of the food left on the dish”, our venue is a top choice among those who cannot do without fine dining and quality wines at lunch as well as dinner.

Our restaurant also offers isolated tables available for business dinners and meetings while we also cater to lovers of Italian flavors at their homes through the “extensive delicatessen section” where they could select the products they desire at any amount from our delicatessen menu. Out of season produce, or canned, dried, or frozen ingredients are not used at our kitchen, which is situated at one of the most spectacular locations at the venue, offering foodies delicious pizza varieties from its wood-fired pizza oven.